Q: Which river forms the Tripura-Mizoram border?

A: Fenny

B: Gumti

C: Deo

D: Longai


Q: What is the area of Tripura?

A: 6294.2 sq. km

B: 10491.69 sq. km

C: 7132.56 sq. km

D: none of these

10491.69 sq. km

Q: Which is the longest river of Tripura?

A: Khowai

B: Howrah

C: Manu

D: Juri


Q: The nature of soils of Tripura is mainly:

A: basic

B: neutral

C: acidic

D: None of these


Q: Which National Highway (NH) is the only link road of Tripura with rest of the country?

A: NH-49

B: NH-39

C: NH-44

D: NH-5


Q: 'Unokoti' - the famous archaeological site is situated near

A: Kailasahar

B: Amarpur

C: Belonia

D: Sonamura


Q: Which of the following is State bird of Tripura?

A: Green imperial pigeon

B: Emeraled dove

C: Hill myna

D: None of these

Green imperial pigeon

Q: Power plant at Monarchak of Sepahijala District

A: Solar Power Plant

B: Hydro electric plant

C: Thermal Power plant

D: None of these

Thermal Power plant

Q: Agartala in Tripura is located at following latitude and longitude:

A: 23.8315°N & 91.2868°E

B: 23.8789°N & 92.8976°E

C: 24.8333°N & 92.7789°E

D: None of these

23.8315°N & 91.2868°E

Q: Which of the following tribes of Tripura do not pertains to autochthonous group of tribes ?

A: Mogs

B: Santals

C: Reangs

D: Halams