Q: They decided to _________ his number in the yellow pages.

A: look into

B: look at

C: look up

D: look onto

Correct Option: C  [ look up ]

"look up": search for information in a reference book or on a computer:

Q: It is 10 o'clock _________ my watch.

A: to

B: from

C: by

D: with

Correct Option: C  [ by ]


Q: It was her maiden speech on the stage and she performed well.

A: unprepared speech

B: sudden speech

C: primary speech

D: first speech

Correct Option: D  [ first speech ]


Q: Government by a small group of all powerful persons.

A: monarchy

B: democracy

C: anarchy

D: oligarchy

Correct Option: D  [ oligarchy ]


Q: Resourcefulness (Find Antonym)

A: Scarcity

B: Stupidity

C: Incompetence

D: Bankruptcy

Correct Option: C  [ Incompetence ]


Q: To dwell ________ the wicked is bad.

A: among

B: between

C: in

D: into

Correct Option: A  [ among ]


Q: A place of permanent residence

A: abode

B: dormitory

C: domicile

D: apartment

Correct Option: C  [ domicile ]


Q: He died without ________ heir.

A: the

B: an

C: a

D: no article

Correct Option: B  [ an ]


Q: Loss of memory

A: Ambrosia

B: Amnesia

C: Insomnia

D: Forgetting

Correct Option: B  [ Amnesia ]


Q: He promised to look into the matter.

A: to peer closely at

B: to take care of

C: to investigate

D: to question

Correct Option: C  [ to investigate ]