Q: Who did not participate in the Revolt of 1857:

A: Rani Laksmi Bai

B: Bhagat Singh

C: Tantya Tope

D: Nana Saheb

Bhagat Singh

Q: The Second Round Table Conference was held in

A: 1932

B: 1930

C: 1931

D: 1935


Q: Lothal is a part of excavation site of which civilization ?

A: Vedic Aryans

B: Indus Valley

C: Sumerians

D: Mesopotamians

Indus Valley

Q: The first great experiment of Gandhiji in 'Satyagraha' took place in

A: South Africa

B: Champaran

C: Dandi

D: Bardoli

South Africa

Q: When and where was the Tebhaga Movement started ?

A: In 1945 in Bihar

B: In 1944 in Uttar Pradesh

C: In 1946 in Bengal

D: In 1947 in Gujrat

In 1946 in Bengal

Q: Name the movement started in 1906 as reaction against the proposal for partition of Bengal.

A: Young Bengal movement

B: Non-violence movement

C: Khilafat movement

D: Swadeshi movement

Swadeshi movement

Q: Name the book of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee which contains the national song 'Bande Mataram'.

A: Kapal Kundala

B: Durgesh Nandini

C: Ananda Math

D: Rajsingha

Ananda Math

Q: Name the Revolutionary Society established by the Indians in America in 1913 against the British rule in India :

A: Indian Independent League

B: Indian National Army

C: Gadhar Party

D: None of these

Gadhar Party

Q: Who of the following refused to allow the adopted son of Lakshmi Bai to succeed to the throne after the death of her husband and subsequently annexed the State?

A: Lord Dalhousie

B: Lord William Bentinck

C: Lord Wellesley

D: Lord Canning

Lord Dalhousie

Q: Who among the following participated with Gandhiji in his Chamaparan Campaign ?

A: Rajendra Prasad

B: Vallabhbhai Patel

C: Jarwaharlal Nehru

D: Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

Rajendra Prasad