Q: As per Koppen's classification of climate, which one of the following is the suitable description of North-East India including North Bengal?

A: Tropical monsoon rainforest (Amw)

B: Sub-tropical monsoon rainforest (Am)

C: Tropical wet and dry climate (Monsoon Savannah)(Aw)

D: Humid sub-tropical climate with dry winter (Cwg)

Correct Option: D  [ Humid sub-tropical climate with dry winter (Cwg) ]


Q: Which one of the following agriculture practices is eco-friendly?

A: Cultivation of high yielding varieties

B: Growing plants in glass houses

C: Shifting cultivation

D: Organic farming

Correct Option: D  [ Organic farming ]


Q: kodarma is famous for its production of :

A: Iron ore

B: Manganese

C: limestone

D: Mica

Correct Option: D  [ Mica ]

Koderma is a district in Jharkhand.

Q: Major coalfields of Assam are part of :

A: Gondwana Coalfields

B: Tertiary Coalfields

C: Damodar Coalfields

D: Neyveli Coalfields

Correct Option: B  [ Tertiary Coalfields ]


Q: Which of the following State is the largest producer of chromite in India ?

A: Meghalaya

B: Madhya Pradesh

C: Odisha

D: Chattisgarh

Correct Option: C  [ Odisha ]


Q: In how many zones Indian Railways has been divided ?

A: Fifteen

B: Seventeen

C: Twenty

D: Six

Correct Option: B  [ Seventeen ]


Q: Sundarban is declared as 'World Heritage Site' for:

A: Tiger reserve

B: Sundari Tree

C: Mangrove forest

D: Biodiversity

Correct Option: C  [ Mangrove forest ]


Q: Which Indian state has the longest Coastline?

A: Kerala

B: Gujarat

C: Andhra Pradesh

D: Tamil Nadu

Correct Option: B  [ Gujarat ]


Q: The percentage of earth surface covered by India is:

A: 3.4

B: 2.4

C: 4.4

D: 1.4

Correct Option: B  [ 2.4 ]


Q: Shillong is situated in:

A: The Naga Hills

B: The Garo Hills

C: The Khasi Hills

D: The Mikir Hills

Correct Option: C  [ The Khasi Hills ]