Q: Where is the oldest Polo Ground in the India?

A: Mizoram

B: Manipur

C: Nagaland

D: Arunachal Pradesh


Q: Barak Valley in Assam is famous for which among the following ?

A: Petroleum Product

B: Tea Cultivation

C: Bamboo Industry

D: Cottage Industry

Tea Cultivation

Q: Which is the capital city of Nagaland?

A: Imphal

B: Dispur

C: Aizawl

D: Kohima


Q: The second highest mountain in Mizoram is?

A: Lurhtlang

B: Sur Tlang

C: Lengteng

D: Tan Tlang


Q: India's largest Buddhist monastery is situated in:

A: Sikkim

B: Bihar

C: Arunachal Pradesh

D: Tripura

Arunachal Pradesh

Q: Name the Chief Minister of Assam at the time of independence of the country.

A: Maulavi Saddula

B: Bishnuram Medhi

C: Gopinath Bordolai

D: Bimal Prasad Chaliha

Gopinath Bordolai

Q: Mawsynram is famous for:

A: The wettest place on earth

B: Timber industry

C: Coal mining

D: Forest product

The wettest place on earth

Q: __________ is the India's longest bridge recently inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi.

A: Bogi Beel Bridge

B: Ganga Rail Road Bridge

C: Dhola - Sadia Bridge

D: Bandra-Worli sea link Bridge

Dhola - Sadia Bridge

Q: In which North Eastern states, the largest number of languages are spoken by the inhabitants?

A: Mizoram

B: Assam

C: Meghalaya

D: Anurachal Pradesh

Anurachal Pradesh

Q: Name of the state bird of Manipur:

A: Great Hornbill

B: Koel

C: Nongin

D: Sparrow