Q: Fire Service day is observed in India on

A: 1st July

B: 7 December

C: 14 April

D: None of these

14 April

Q: National Sports Day is celebrated on:

A: 27th August

B: 30th August

C: 28th August

D: 29th August

29th August

Q: 'World Immunization Week' is observed annually in the last week of:

A: April

B: June

C: October

D: November


Q: May 8 is observed as:

A: World Standards Day

B: World Red Cross Day

C: World Communication Day

D: Commonwealth Day

World Red Cross Day

Q: Bangladesh was created in the year:

A: 1956

B: 1971

C: 1990

D: 1947


Q: International Literacy Day is observed on which day?

A: 8 September

B: 5 September

C: 2 September

D: 11 November

8 September

Q: World Cancer Day is observed across the world on:

A: 10th January

B: 4th February

C: 5th June

D: 15th July

4th February

Q: The full-fledged state of Telengana came into existence on:

A: 2nd June, 2013

B: 2nd June, 2014

C: 2nd June, 2015

D: 2nd June, 2016

2nd June, 2014

Q: The Human Development Index was first introduced in the year:

A: 1980

B: 1990

C: 1995

D: 2000


Q: When is the World Population Day observed ?

A: May, 31st

B: October, 4th

C: December, 10th

D: July, 11th

July, 11th