Q: Forest Research Institute of our country is located at :

A: Dehradun

B: Roorki

C: Allahabad

D: Bangaluru


Q: Where is the head quarter United Nations Organization situated ?

A: New York

B: Hague

C: Washington

D: Switzerland

New York

Q: Headquarter of European Union (EU) is situated in:

A: Milan (Italy)

B: Brussels (Belgium)

C: Munich (Germany)

D: Paris (France)

Brussels (Belgium)

Q: The World Trade Organization (WTO), which replaced GATT, has its Head Quarters in:

A: Vienna

B: Brussels

C: New York

D: Geneva


Q: Where is the Head Quarter of World Health Organization situated?

A: New York

B: London

C: Switzerland

D: Paris


Q: The Headquarter of UNESCO is at

A: Ganeva

B: Paris

C: The Hague

D: None of these


Q: The headquarters of International Monetary fund is located in:

A: Washington DC

B: Vienna

C: New York

D: Geneva

Washington DC

Q: Where is the headquarter of FAO located?

A: New York

B: Rome

C: The Hague

D: none of these


Q: Where is the headquarters of National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research?

A: Mumbai

B: New Delhi

C: Indore

D: Jaipur

New Delhi

Q: Headquarters of the World Health Organization is located at:

A: Geneva

B: Washington DC

C: New York

D: Rome