Q: There is none to ___________ the orphan.

A: look at

B: look after

C: look into

D: look upon

Correct Option: B  [ look after ]

"look after": To act as a protector or caretaker.

Q: The manager was _________ an explanation of his conduct.

A: called for

B: called off

C: called to

D: called up

Correct Option: A  [ called for ]


Q: Rita always sets her alarm so that she can _______ at 8 A.M.

A: think over

B: write down

C: think through

D: wake up

Correct Option: D  [ wake up ]

"wake up": to stop sleeping.

Q: You read the letter repeatedly.

A: pros and cons

B: one and all

C: time and again

D: to and fro

Correct Option: C  [ time and again ]


Q: I cannot put up with that nasty fellow.

A: appreciate

B: endure

C: control

D: forgive

Correct Option: B  [ endure ]


Q: His folly has brought about his ruin.

A: frustrated

B: caused

C: disappointment

D: confirmed

Correct Option: B  [ caused ]


Q: When the boy was put into a boarding school, he quickly fell into line without his usual indiscipline behaviors.

A: stood in a line

B: turned straight

C: became orderly

D: none of these

Correct Option: C  [ became orderly ]

"fell into line": starts to follow the rules, behave according to expected standards of behaviour.

Q: Ramesh was called upon to explain guilt.

A: summoned

B: invited

C: explained

D: one of these

Correct Option: A  [ summoned ]

"called upon": call on somebody to do something.

Q: We must decide on a plan of action and _________ it. (Phrasal verbs)

A: stick up

B: stick to

C: stick together

D: stick out

Correct Option: B  [ stick to ]

"Stick to" means to adhere to or remain loyal to a particular course of action, plan, or belief, without deviating or changing.

Q: The Information and Communication Technology has ___________ age and employees very highly paid technocrats.

A: come of

B: come upon

C: come out of

D: come through

Correct Option: A  [ come of ]

"come of": To be the result, outcome, or outgrowth of something.