Q: When the family in the next house packed off at midnight, I began to smell a rat.

A: to suspect a trick

B: to misunderstand

C: to smell a bad smell

D: to see hidden meaning

Correct Option: A  [ to suspect a trick ]


Q: It was her maiden speech on the stage and she performed well.

A: unprepared speech

B: sudden speech

C: primary speech

D: first speech

Correct Option: D  [ first speech ]


Q: A bolt from the blue

A: a delayed event

B: an inexplicable event

C: an unexpected event

D: an unpleasant event

Correct Option: C  [ an unexpected event ]


Q: He promised to look into the matter.

A: to peer closely at

B: to take care of

C: to investigate

D: to question

Correct Option: C  [ to investigate ]


Q: While the ladies continued their small talk in the drawing room, I felt bored.

A: light conversation

B: gossip

C: backbiting

D: whispering

Correct Option: A  [ light conversation ]


Q: To be all at sea.

A: a family voyage

B: lost and confused

C: in the middle of the ocean

D: a string of island

Correct Option: B  [ lost and confused ]


Q: Take Cat out of the bag

A: to rebuke

B: to defame someone

C: to reveal a secret

D: to sell a pet

Correct Option: C  [ to reveal a secret ]


Q: To be fair and square

A: worthy

B: honest

C: successful

D: obedient

Correct Option: B  [ honest ]


Q: The boss brought matters to a head by forcing him to work more.

A: made him happy

B: created a lot of unhappiness

C: created an atmosphere of confrontation

D: brought matters to a decisive

Correct Option: C  [ created an atmosphere of confrontation ]


Q: A leader should respect the opinion of the rank and file.

A: the poor people

B: the military personnel

C: the majority

D: the common people

Correct Option: D  [ the common people ]